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This website contains academic and professional information regarding Matthew Todd and lists a host of this author's book publishing initiatives and academic journal publications in the public domain.  There is also a contact link to be able to further discuss some of the literature and ideas or make arrangements for speaking, workshop or presentation initiatives.




Retaining the Next Generation in Chinese Diaspora Churches, A Theological Approach to Doing Mission (A Canadian Example)

Journal of Practical Theology

(spring 2016)

(A Theology to Retaining CBC’s in NACC’s), Studies in Honor of W. Ward Gasque: Serving God’s Community (Regent College Publishing, Vancouver BC: 2014): 301-318.

“Why is there a Silent Exodus of English-Speaking Adults from Western Canadian Churches?"

The Great Commission Research Journal, issue 1 (Summer 2014), 36-56.

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“A Biblical and Theological Approach to Retaining the Next Generation in Chinese Canadian Diaspora Churches and Doing Mission.” Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies, vol. 18, No.1 (February, 2015):107-124.

"Why International Student Outreach Ought to Matter..." ISMC International Student Ministries Canada communicant
(August 2015).


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To the interested reader, see more published journals and articles on the JOURNALS AND PUBLICATIONS page.

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